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eco-underTM is a company based on the belief that everything matters, even the underwear
/TM was born out of the desire to enjoy the best fitting / feeling underwear without having to travel all over the planet to get it

/TM began with an entrepreneur that loved both his underwear from England and Hong Kong and an eco-friendly fashion designer.  Instead of the bi-yearly global quest for new underwear, they decided to make it themselves. 

"We started with the basic rules of no chaffing, comfortable for sitting, standing, riding a bike, running and working out.  Next we found our favorite fabrics to work with including organic cotton, soy, bamboo and tencel and high tech wicking materials both thin fabrics and heavy weight fabrics.  Then we made a gazillion pairs and tested them for the right length and feel of the legs, height and tightness of the fabric and elastic, and how the seams felt against the skin.  We put them on an array of men including professional fire fighters, models, software designers, athletes, artists, craftsmen, bikers, gamers, entrepreneurs, students and parents, to bring you the best underwear experience available."

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Contact Us at: info @ eco-under . com

Wholesale Information call (503) 544-3434



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