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All fabrics are 97% - 100% organic and sustainable fibers, supporting US mills whenever possible
All fabrics are high tech fabrics that are designed for wicking moisture away from the body
Organic Cotton
Cotton grown without petroleum based or hazardous chemicals
Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants for making fabric with its rapid growth to maturity cycle. Bamboo fabric is one of the softest fabrics to use in fashion
Soy Fabric
Soy (or Soya) Fabric is made from the leftover soy products thrown off during Tofu production. This fabric has a wonderful natural anti-bacterial agents and is very similar to cotton - also know as vegetarian cashmere
All though lycra is not necessarily a sustainable fiber on its own, the addition of 1% to 3% lycra to the sustainable fibers make the fabrics last much longer which in itself is sustainable
Recycled Polyester
Polyester, originally manufactured as a low cost garment fabric replacement, has been recycled and woven into a wicking fabric that creates a soft fabric used for athletic wear
Addition of 1% to 10% lycra to the wicking fibers make the fabric both supportive and stretchable
Available Colors:
Black Organic Cotton & Soy Blend
Yellow Sueded Organic Cotton
Purple Organic Cotton & Soy Blend
Natural Organic Cotton & Bamboo Blend
Navy Organic Cotton & Soy Blend
Ruby Organic Cotton & Soy Blend
Brown Organic Cotton & Bamboo Blend
Tie Dye Bamboo
Available Colors:
Black Silky Lightweight Wicking
Red Mediumweight Wicking
Olive Lightweight Wicking
Pistachio Mediumweight Wicking
Dk Grey Mediumweight Wicking
White Sueded Mediumweight Wicking



Mid Rider

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Tie Dye

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